Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 How To Take A Screenshot

So all you Samsung Galaxy Tab A owners, here is the full guide on how to take a screenshot easily on your new tablet. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Screenshot To take a screenshot on your Samsung Glaaxy Tab A, you can follow 3 methods which include the palm swipe, button combo or using the S-pen. […]

How To Talk To Customers About Your Safe Space

Its easier than you think to get involved and make a difference. Join or start a Gender and Sexuality Alliance or take part in one of our student leadership programs to make your school a better place. GLSEN UP . GLSEN UP is a movement of action-takers and change-makers. Visit our policy action center to contact your elected officials, learn about our current campaigns, and GLSEN UP to social […]

How To Stop Zaful From Messaging Facebook

ZAFUL your one-stop online fashion shop. During the last season, Zaful keeps a rocket-like uplift on daily active user and daily order amount, and become one of . ZAFUL your one-stop online […]

How To Train Dragsons Toothless Mate

Toothless and his Light Fury the White Night Fury mate. Toothless and his Light Fury the White Night Fury mate. Toothless and his Light Fury the White Night Fury mate . Visit. Discover ideas about Httyd Dragons. Toothless and his Light Fury the White Night Fury mate. Httyd Dragons Cute Dragons Chinese Dragon Drawing How To Train Dragon Night Fury Dragon Art Toothless Disney Pics Hiccup. More […]

How To Work Fast Twitch Muscles

Some people are born with more fast-twitch muscle fibers than others. But cheer up—with training, you can change your ratio of fast-twitch to slow-twitch muscle fibers. Training for Fast-Twitch […]

How To Take The Back Off A Huawei Phone

Back Back. How to turn off the screen lock on my Huawei Ascend Y300. Huawei Ascend Y300. Steps to follow: 8 . Swipe left to access more apps. Scroll to and touch Settings. Touch Security. Touch Screen lock. Enter your password. Touch Next. Touch Not locked. The screen lock has been turned off. 1. Swipe left to access more apps. You can remove any screen locks that you've set up on your Huawei […]

How To Take Care Of Dry Sensitive Skin

This pure mogra water is an ancient recipe for skin hydration, which balances dry, mature and sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve stressed skin while it calms the nerves and alleviates tension to uplift the mood. […]

How To Sell A Car On Craigslist Test Drive

Or my personal favorite: after asking dozens of questions, and requesting multiple photographs, and taking a test drive, and negotiating a deal, and getting the car up on a lift to check for […]

How To Load Money Onto Loaded For Travel Card

BENEFITS GUIDE BMO ® Prepaid Travel MasterCard®* Your travel payment card. WELCOME! GET READY TO USE YOUR CARD WITH COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND. You’ve just received your new BMO® Prepaid Travel MasterCard – the payment card you can use around the world, or around the corner. Your card is designed to work just like a regular BMO MasterCard, without the interest charges. Simply load money […]

How To Set A Casual Dinner Table

This particular graphic (How to Set A Casual Table New Amazing How to Set A Casual Dinner Table by Australia Casual Table) above is classed using: how to set a casual buffet table,how to set a casual table,how to set a casual table for dinner,how to set a casual table picture,how to set a casual table setting, submitted by on 2018-10-25 03:33:46. To find out almost all […]

How To Stop Tinnitus Instantly

How to Get Rid of Tinnitus. Find the Common Causes of Tinnitus and How to stop tinnitus naturally is the holistic method. Read Now! >>> You Can Get How to Get Rid of Tinnitus Instantly After Purchasing Online Via Our Secure Server <<< Posted by John Taylor at 12:12 PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. 4 comments: Tinnitus Treatment September … […]

How To Work Cite A Picture

And what info can I use to cite, if it's a picture of a book cover, say, or just a random photo that offers no info?? by DZinna on Apr 05, 2016. The Works Cited page is […]

How To Send A Message On Messenger

However, you need to go to the Messenger profile of the contact you like to send Secret Message instead of your profile. Step 1. Go to the chat box of the contact you wish to send a secret message or self-destructing message. […]

How To Win Every Argument

1. Dont think of it as competition. Think of it as consensus building. Youre not going to reach a truly positive solution if you view a disagreement as a competition. […]

How To Take Care Of Yourself During Puberty

during puberty. Hormones also cause sexual and reproductive organs to change and develop. Some of the changes happen only to boys and others take place only in girls. Your changing body has changing needs. During puberty, youll need to start paying more attention to caring for your body. Lets start by looking at some of the changes that […]

How To Stop Anal Hurting

If it hurts, stop! Some, well, Pain most commonly comes from anal fissures, or little tears in the tissue around the anus, which is very thin and delicate. A good way to remedy that is using […]

How To Tell If Car Has A Lien Alberta

You can request a lien search online, by fax or by calling us, for information related to a vehicle, personal property, individual, or business in Alberta. […]

How To Stop My Child From Accessing Youtube

Have your children restrict access to their social networking sites to only known friends, and keep their sites private. A great deal of pornography gets shared among private albums on social networking sites. […]

How To Stay Warm While Camping In A Tent

Have fun camping by yourself or with loved ones the right way, and make sure that you stay comfortable with a warm tent when sleeping! Have a warm tent and sleep cozily and warm … […]

How To Turn Consults To New Patients

2018-10-11 · Patient Services Anonymous Safety Reporting Hotline. A toll-free ANONYMOUS telephone hotline is available for staff, patients, and visitors to report safety concerns to … […]

How To Wear Mala Beads On Your Wrist

For a wrist or bracelet mala, you want the malas circumference to be about 1/2 inch larger than the size of your wrist. For a full 108 bead mala the length is a personal preference of where the guru bead feels best resting on your chest. While we do not recommend wrapping a necklace mala around ones wrist, the malas size will also be important if you want to wear it wrapped. […]

How To Find A Soldier To Write To

Write a positive letter, showing your support for the soldiers who are putting their lives at risk. Perhaps tell the soldier something about yourself, but nothing too personal. Focus the letter on your appreciation for what the soldier is doing and on general topics that would likely be of interest. Perhaps write about sports or current events. […]

How To Make Steam Library Show Full Icons

There is a way to manually create shortcuts to steam games that you can put anywhere though, including the start menu. Here are the steps: Open Steam, right click on the game in your library, and choose “Create Desktop Shortcut” Right click on the new shortcut, go to Properties, and then copy the ‘URL’ section. It should be something like “steam://rungameid/212680” […]

How To Write A Best Man Speech Examples

First of all, you should write the best man speech outline. This will help give you some idea as to where the speech is headed. As well, you will need to decide the tone of the speech. This will help give you some idea as to where the speech is headed. […]

How To Think Big In Life

The Magic of Thinking Big contains the secrets to getting the most out of your job, your marriage and family life. The book illustrates how you don’t need to be incredibly intelligent or unique to have the success you want, you simply need to think in a way that cultivates success. By thinking big you can motivate yourself to improve your work life, earn more money and get more happiness and fulfilment … […]

How To Take Care Of Semi Permanent Eyelashes

To prolong your semi permanent extensions, you have to take care of it with proper hygiene and maintenance. To do this, do not use any oil-based cleaning products that can dissolve the glue and cause your extensions to fall off. […]

How To Start Marijuana Seeds Indoors

2018-01-03 Now you know the basics of how to grow marijuana from seed to harvest. Its time to get yourself the tools you need and get started today. And remember to take notes, or even better, start […]

How To Stop Burping Acid Reflux

In these patients early gastric cancer may appear as a subtle lesion usually less than 2 cm in diameter. Researchers continue to study how various changes in normal body functions cause high blood pressure. […]

How To Text 93.5 The Move To Win Tickets

Win a trip to see Garth Brooks at the Sold out Stadium Tour at State Farm Stadium in Glendale AZ. Listen for the cue to call at 8:40am, 10:40am, 12:40pm, 2:40pm and 4:40pm. […]

How To Start A Marine Fabric Business

2014-03-17 · How to Make $600 In 1 Hour, Start a new business, Work from home. John Cavco. Loading... Unsubscribe from John Cavco? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 3.3K. Loading […]

How To Set Up A Yelp Business Profile

All you need to do is set up a forwarding custom Yelp URL. Heres how you do it. The first thing youll need is a domain that your readers will use to navigate to your Yelp reviews. In this case, using the . REVIEWS domain is a great movenot only does it inform your audience of what they can expect when they follow the link, but it also has ample online space available, increasing your […]

Swift Googlemap How To Set Centre Of Map

I am using Google Maps V3 and I want to: Set the center of the map to a particular latlng. I am using: map.setCenter(new google.maps.LatLng(mylat,mylong)); […]

How To Set Up Panasonic Tv Channels

Setup Panasonic TV. Setting up LG Smart TV on VPNUK. VPN Setup The setup of a native VPN connection directly onto any Smart TV is not currently possible. However, you can setup the connection through a compatible VPN router, VPNUK recommends OpenVPN connections through a DD-WRT or ASUS compatible router. DD-WRT Setup Tutorial ASUS Setup Tutorial. SmartDNS Setup Tutorial … […]

How To Write 5 Feet 4.5 Inches

Task: Convert 3 feet to inches (show work) Formula: ft x 12 = in Calculations: 3 ft x 12 = 36 in Result: 3 ft is equal to 36 inches Conversion Table For quick reference purposes, below is a conversion table that you can use to convert from feet to inches. […]

How To Solve Internet Connection Problem

Lets Fix windows 10 internet connection problems. Make sure it’s not a problem with your cable modem or Internet service provider (ISP).If it is, contact your ISP. In the search box on the taskbar, type Command prompt, press and hold (or right-click) Command prompt, and then select Run as administrator > … […]

How To Stop Bleeding After Giving Birth

Cats can bleed for up to about 7 days after giving birth. If the bleeding is heavy and/or if there is any other discharge which is colored, like green or cream colored, this is serious, as it can indicate a uterine infection called pyometra, and your cat needs to see the vet, ASAP, for evaluation and treatment. […]

How To Teach Your Child Resilience

The ideal model for teaching resilience is to have all these factors present, However, beside these factors, there are some realities all parents, educators, family members, etc. need to be aware of in order to make informed decisions about how to teach resiliency to children. […]

Do You Need To Know How To Swim To Snorkel

2019-01-21 · A lot of families Snorkel together, you need to warn them of certain precautions that they need to take. If you got stung by a jellyfish avoid rubbing the area and do not clean it with mineral or tap water, rinse the spot with sea water instead. […]

How To Write 0.5 Hours

Or you may want to write an english_plural function to do the 's' bits for you, instead of repeating yourself. From your comments, it sounds like you actually want to keep the days separate. That's even easier: def convert_timedelta(duration): days, seconds = duration.days, duration.seconds hours = seconds // 3600 minutes = (seconds % 3600) // 60 seconds = (seconds % 60) return days, hours […]

Teach Me How To Do The Nae Nae

Today, two years after the initial public launch of its LinkEngineering website, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) announced a collaboration between and, a digital library with over 1550 classroom tested, standards-aligned, engineering-focused k … […]

How To Train A Dragon Order

Hiccup forms a secret Dragon Flight Club, in order to train the kids to defend against Alvin without his father knowing. 22 "The Iron Gronckle" September 26, 2013 When Meatlug begins producing a type of iron more powerful than anything Berk has ever seen, the often?neglected Fishlegs becomes the most popular man in town. 23 "The Night and the Fury" October 3, 2013 The kids go on a […]

How To Stop A Program From Updating Windows 10

These fixes from Microsoft are being listed in support pages for the Windows Insider Program, so it remains to be seen if and how the show/hide option for Windows Update will persist after the […]

How To Turn Into A Boat

2016-06-20 · Tesla CEO Elon Musk definitely has a thing about cars that turn into boats. In 2013, he bought James Bond's submarine car (a custom Lotus Esprit) … […]

How To Show Network Icon On Taskbar In Windows Xp

Open "My Network Places" and in the left-hand Tasks panel, select "Hide icons for networked uPnP devices". (If you're using Windows Classic folders you'll have to change the Folder Options to "Show common tasks in folders" to see this. This stops the display of the icons but does not disable the services needed for some devices to work. […]

How To Write Music Reddit

So if you yourself writing a book and you want to include music in it, but you’re not a songwriter yourself, take tunes you already know and write new words to them. It makes things much faster and easier than trying to become a master songwriter on your own. […]

How To Stop The Train In Hello Neighbor

The Train is a vehicle/prop in Hello Neighbor. It first debuted in Alpha 1, randomly running along its tracks and emitting noises on the third floor. It appears again in Alpha 3's concept art for the track going around the Neighbor 's house. It would not be made rideable until Alpha 4. […]

How To Send Files From Mac To Iphone

How to Add Music (MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG, WMA, etc.) from Mac to iPhone Smoothly without iTunes If you're a music fan, chances are that you would like to transfer music from Mac to your iPhone from time to time. iTunes, by default, is the Apple designated tool to sync songs from music library on your computer with your iPhone. […]

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Things Done

Do you have a problem with procrastinating and getting things done? Do you often fall short of realizing your goals? Perhaps you started this year strong, meeting all your daily and weekly goals, and then quickly fell off the wagon. […]

Beatles Yesterday And Today How To Tell

Recently acquired a very hard to find Canadian 1980s retro black and rainbow labeled Yesterday & Today. The 3 previous douphonic tracks Im only Sleeping, And Your Bird Can Sing and Dr. Robert are presented here in full glorious stereo. […]

How To Write A Thesis Plan

Use key words from the prompt or thesis statement to write the first part of your topic sentence. Use the third reason you listed in your thesis statement. Now write your own three topic sentences for Body Paragraphs One, Two, and Three. Write in the three sections titled, "Topic Sentence" on your Power-Writer Template. Make sure to: 1. CAPITALIZE the transitional phrase used at the beginning of the […]

How To Sell Meat To Restaurants

2016-09-04 · Street food meat !!! [ how to sell street food?street food,trip food,travel food 2016 Hello ! Everyone ,now my channel is Street Foods 24 hours ,many kind of Street Food,Please subscribe if you […]

How To Wear A Shift Dress With Leggings

Tan Leggings are generally seen in chic, casual, and comfortable style. Popular brands of Tan Leggings are New Yorker , Terranova , random , Forever 21 , and H&M . Banana0Evil gave Forever 21 leggings a rating of 3 stars and said: "I got so excited when I saw the "Leggings for 4.50" in F21. […]

How To Tell A Bass To Use Bow

Also, the bass' thicker strings respond to the bow slower, producing more of a groan at the start of each low note; a lag between when the bow starts and when the note starts. Cello strings speak faster and have less of this lag. […]

How To Win Your Wife Back After She Cheated

2018-11-09 · How to Win Back the Love of Your Life After Cheating. Cheating is hard on a relationship. It can devastate your partner emotionally and break any trust that may have existed between the two of you. In many cases, acts of infidelity are... […]

Wow How To Turn Off My Own Health Bar

2011-03-25 · suddnely, i dont know how or why, (i guess i pressed a wrong button or something) my hand and whatever i was holding at the time disappeared along with my hot bar! […]

How To Stop Tv Wireless Headphone Interference

How to Fix "Turtle Beach" So You Don't Hear Your Voice Through the Headset by Alexander Poirier ; Updated September 22, 2017 The Turtle Beach line of surround sound headsets lets you hear in-game audio and chat audio through the headset's speakers. […]

How To Write Morse Code

At the beginning part the program, you may copy and reuse the following code snippet to define the mapping between letters/digits and their Morse code (case insensitive), for example, MC_1 is the Morse code of digit 1, and MC_A is the Morse code of letter 'A' or letter 'a'. […]

How To Set Priority To High In Task Manager

We know a third party program or game is a foreground application. So how to set a single foreground program to high priority? You can use task manager to do it. 1. Righ-click taskbar and choose Task Manager to open it. 2. Go to Details tab, and find the program you want to set the high priority, then right-click it to set the priority as High. […]

How To Write A Stage Play Script

Stage play scripts are formatted slightly different than movie scripts, with some of the differences being the way the lines and action are formatted. Save time by formatting with Final Draft, a screen writing program, with tips from a screenwriter in this free video on writing. […]

How To Turn On Cc On Pvr

The CC is almost certainly being sent by the cable box rather thangenerated by the TV since you are using turn off pvr, press menu on remote and pvr will turn on with a menu screen showing […]

How To Work Out My Macros

I work out (lift) from 3-6 times per week depending on my schedule. I wouldnt recommend using the MFP macros. I would recommend getting someone to figure them for you. I use I wouldnt recommend using the MFP macros. […]

How To Wear A Low Bun

Low bun hairstyles will make this dress chic and beautiful. The bun is very low, and a prominent strand is used to differentiate it from the hair body. You can go for a side split or a middle one. Pull out a few more strands to keep it beautiful. Go for this style for your big anniversary dinner or date night. […]

How To Take Contacts Out Without Fingers

A consumer guide to dealing with uncomfortable contact lenses. Find out what you can do when your contact lenses are causing you discomfort. Find out what you can do when your contact lenses are causing you discomfort. […]

How To Get Someone To Stop Slamming Doors

2009-11-21 · That's what I'm thinking because when I get up to take a shower in the mornings I use a piece of toilet tissue so as not to slam down the seat and I also make sure not to slam my door, or the shower door, so as not to wake her up. […]

How To Tell What Version Of Visual C

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable latest version 2017 full offline installer setup free download for all windows PCs. Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install run-time components that are required to run C++ applications built using Visual Studio 2015. […]

How To Properly Write In The Third Peron

Third person doesnt target anyone, and so its the most distant and universal. Its pretty easy to avoid second person in formal writing, so the main source of confusion comes from whether to use first or third person. […]

How To Set Up Apple Acount On Outlook App

The account is saved as a Connected account in the Web app interface. Tips. Note that no setup is required for Outlook Web Access if you use Office 365 or Exchange 2013. Setup is required only for […]

Teach Me How To Use Excel For Free

Good for Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016. - Free Course. Categories. Search . Udemy for Business Get your team access to Udemy’s top 3,000 courses anytime, anywhere. Try Udemy for Business Become an instructor Turn what you know into an opportunity and reach millions around the world. […]

How To Start A Christmas Story

Still, the Christmas story captures the heart in a way that transcends all the commercial hype. The degree to which the holiday is valued in Christian culture sometimes goes beyond the other most Holy Day of Christianity, Easter or Resurrection Sunday. […]

How To Write Winky Face

How to make different symbols when commenting or making my status. March 2, 2014 · We know that many of you try the codes for the symbols in the comments, but most of the ones that are specifically made for facebook only work in chat. […]

How To Set Up Smugmug In Lightroom

Open Lightroom and you should see Smugmug Logo under Publish Services. Click 'Set Up' on the bar to open Lightroom Publishing Manager and highlight SmugMug. Now you should see two buttons here: 'New to SmugMug' and 'Authorize Account'. […]

How To Wish Happy Married Life

“As you enter to a new stage of your life, The routine of yesterdays are past, You may have more happier days in comming days Happy married life to you.” “I am so happy to wish you a happy married life that will make your life happier and easier Happy wedding.” […]

How To Search For A Shop On Ebay App

2016-12-05 · ebay app on windows 10 I just installed windows 10 and went to the ebay app to check a current order- nothing. Is it me personally or is there just no way to get to your account/ orders? […]

How To Turn Tv On When Making Weird Noises Philips

My Philips Flat screen is making cicking noises when we turn it off. oh my goodness. I will have to get that information - Answered by a verified TV Technician I will have to get that information - Answered by a verified TV Technician […]

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay Samsung Note 4

2016-09-06 · The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launched in 2014 as the company's flagship phablet. It has a 5.7-inch screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution, 3GB of RAM, and an impressive 16 megapixel camera. It has a 5.7-inch screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution, 3GB … […]

How To Watch Sky Online

2013-04-05 I've got the sky go app and the sky + app and wondered if I could watch a prog I have a,ready recorded on the planner ? I know I can watch live tv from sky go and I can use sky+ to control the had box when watching something from the planner but this extra step would be good for watching something I've already recorded whilst in bed? […]

How To Sell A House Privately In Scotland

House sellers in Edinburgh have to wait just 41 days to sell their property "Second-steppers in contrast, have less flexibility as they are specifically looking to move to a new area or a bigger […]

How To Take Vitamin E As A Blood Thinner

2018-01-28 In this Article: Using Prescription Medication Using Other Methods Seeking Medical Help Community Q&A 13 References. If you have had a blood clot, stroke, abnormal heart rhythm, or heart attack, you will likely have to take an anticoagulant and/or anti-platelet medication (called blood thinner) that your doctor prescribes. […]

How To Set Up Christmas Mini Session

The session fee is non refundable and can only be rescheduled for the next mini session date, which may not be before the holidays. So please be sure both dates work for you ! Due to the time restrictions on these minis we will focus on a particular shot – family shots, … […]

How To Plan A Visit To Chicago

Without a doubt, if you are on a budget, winter is the best time of the year for a visit to Chicago. Enjoy the City’s Architecture and Public art Chicago is world-renowned for its architectural marvels, especially its century-old skyscrapers, wonderful bridges and imposing business centres. […]

Kwikset Deadlatch How To Set Vertically

I am also having problems pairing my z-wave kwikset lock to the hub. My process: Open the app to add device mode, Remove battery from deadbolt, push the program button three times, reinstall battery back, push the b button in the top left. […]

How To Write Stored Procedure

Use the CREATE PROCEDURE statement to create a standalone stored procedure or a call specification. A procedure is a group of PL/SQL statements that you can call by name. A call specification (sometimes called call spec) declares a Java method or a third-generation language (3GL) routine so that it can be called from SQL and PL/SQL. […]

How To Turn Off Nfc On Galaxy S5

You can use the S Beam feature on your Galaxy S5 to send data to another S-Beam capable device. Heres how: To transfer a file using S Beam: On the Apps screen, find and launch the Settings app. Tap NFC. Slide the NFC switch to the right. Tap S Beam. Slide the S Beam switch [] […]

Teach How To Play Guitar

Let kids (and their parents!) know that progress is being made! One of the differences between teaching adults and kids to play the guitar is that older people tend to look at you in a strange way if you give them something like this free certificate of achievement at the end of a guitar lesson. […]

How To Start A Narrative Essay About An Experience

Once more, we should keep in mind that there is no fixed way of starting a narrative essay. However, there is one important thing about how to make a good starting when writing a narrative essay that we should remember at all times. The thing is to ensure that the opening sentence of the narrative is catchy. […]

How To Set A Loop In Pro Tools

Join Skye Lewin for an in-depth discussion in this video, Setting the playback engine and hardware settings, part of Pro Tools 11 Essential Training. […]

How To Watch National Geographic

Hi, you may watch Discovery’s brand new YouTube channel that features content from the Indian Armed Forces - Veer By Discovery. Check this channel out to find shows like … […]

Betta Fish How To Tell Gender

Bettas have a reputation for aggression. And the reputation is partially deserved. Males bettas are extremely aggressive towards other male bettas. However, they do get along with other fish well, so you can keep them in a 10-gallon aquarium with other species that will not harm the betta. […]

How To Set Up Nord Vpn On Nvidia Shield

Setup VPN on Nvidia Protect now for whole security of your relationship. In our guideline beneath, we will stroll you by means of how to setup VPN on Nvidia hardware, VPN pace suggestions, and other troubleshooting and VPN information and facts you really should know. […]

How To Talk To Anyone About Anything Barbara Walters

The Paperback of the How to Talk with Practically Anybody about Practically Anything by Barbara Walters at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more. Specialists - Summer Reading ; Collectible Editions: Buy 2, Get the 3rd Free […]

How To Win On Vlts In Manitoba

Manitoba's online guide to fine wines, beer and spirits. Issued Thursday, November 7 2013. In this issue of Sip ‘N’ Savour you’ll find details on how to win Pro Hockey Game Tickets, a Great Tastes of Manitoba recipe link, and a list of our newest products now available in Liquor Marts across Manitoba. […]

How To Talk To A Girl In The Library

Girl Talk suggests that Chapters meet once a week for one hour. Individual circumstances may cause certain Chapters to operate on a different schedule. Some Chapters meet once or twice a month, due to scheduling conflicts and for varying amounts of time. […]

How To Write A Retirement Letter From Teaching

Tips To write An Official Retirement Letter For Teachers The letter must have a polite tone and prior information on the date of retirement. The letter should carry a note of gratitude […]

How To Tell If Your Mom Is Emotionally Abusive

Taking the red pill regarding your emotionally abusive childhood leads to a very difficult path—but the important thing Know that, if your abusive parents are abusive in secret, most people will take their side. If your parents are charming and “pillars of the community,” you will find yourself alone in your truth. Don’t cave in. Go to therapy. Educate yourself. Hold fast to the […]

How To Write Your Name Wiry A Degree And Minor

How to Write Your Degree on a Resume Last week, when I was sitting with my buddy Kati, one of the CPRWs on Pongo’s awesome Customer Support team , we got to talking about the questions that come up over and over as people are building their resumes . […]

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